Nestled into a small residential area in the foothills overlooking Heppner, Oregon, Willow Creek Terrace occupies a unique place in the community.

The Terrace is unusually small and is located in an unusually small town for an assisted living facility. And those two things make it very, very special…

We’re small enough that everyone – staff and neighbors – get to know everyone else, yet large enough to allow personal space and private time at any time. No one is ever lost in a crowd at The Terrace.

We grew out of the Heppner small community, not a corporate headquarters hundreds of miles away. We were conceived, funded and built by people who did not want to lose aging family members and friends to cities with facilities and services that weren’t available nearby.

Willow Creek Terrace remains very involved with the many different church and civic groups that have invested so much time, money and love here over the years. There are frequent opportunities for residents to visit town and for visitors to stop into The Terrace.

No one disappears from Heppner when they come to The Terrace, because The Terrace is a part of Heppner in many more ways than just a physical location.

Willow Creek Terrace Assisted Living – like Heppner – is home.